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Driving Under the Influence

Challenge Your Case with an Experienced Attorney

Your freedom, driving privileges, and life as you know it are on the line.

The threshold to prove alcohol impairment is very low. It is presumed as having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% for adults. A DUI charge can also be filed, however, when a person refuses to take a breath test and exhibits other indicators of intoxication, such as bad driving, suspicious appearance, and poor performance on field sobriety tests. During both of the actions, Attorney Melissa Gilliam can fight for your rights and help you pursue a positive outcome. Melissa is ready to fight for you during a criminal charge and the civil suit brought by the Department of Revenue.

A successful DUI defense is based on a review of the following:

  • Police reports
  • In-car audio / videos
  • Jailhouse audio / videos
  • Breathalyzer maintenance records
  • In-depth meetings with the client
  • Witness testimony

A motion to suppress evidence may work to exclude a breath test result or a confession so that the prosecutor's job becomes difficult or impossible to secure a conviction. Meet with an attorney at your earliest convenience to get the effective defense your case requires. With the time constraints against you, the best defense available is to act fast and retain the quality legal guidance of Melissa Gilliam, Attorney at Law!

Driver's License Hearings

Representation at Your Administrative Hearing

When you blow over the legal limit or you refuse to blow, the police officer takes your driver's license and issues you a 15-day permit in Missouri with instructions on how to apply for a hearing. You must request a hearing within the 15 day period or your license will automatically be suspended. A timely request for a hearing will automatically extend your permit until the case is over.

The issues at the hearing include whether the police had reasonable grounds to arrest you for DUI and whether you either tested above the legal limit or refused the test. If you win, you get your license back. If you lose, your license will be suspended. Suspension periods for breath test failures range from 30 days to one year, while suspensions for breath test refusals are for one year.

Both suspensions may be followed by a period of ignition interlock lasting from months to years. You may be eligible to receive a hardship license after a brief period of time to drive to work, school and alcohol classes, and possibly with the requirement of ignition interlock.

Need a lawyer for a driver's license hearing?

Having an experienced attorney represent you at the hearing allows your rights to be properly defended and increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Your attorney can examine the circumstances under which you were stopped for suspicion of DWI and review whether or not the police officer did, in fact, have due cause for his or her actions. He can analyze all aspects of your breath and blood tests and any field sobriety tests to determine if they were correctly administered and interpreted. These factors can all be addressed in the hearing in fighting for your right to retain your driving privileges. If your license is in danger of being suspended, contact Melissa Gilliam to help you fight for justice at your hearing.


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